Politics, religion, and basically everything else you shouldn’t talk about at dinner or when you first meet someone.

So as most of you know I recently attended a display/bridal shower. The shower was fun but the after party was really what the night was all about.

Not really knowing anyone but the bride and groom, I was nervous to kick it with them and a few of their cousins and friends at a bar after the shower. As much as I love meeting new people and making friends, I also don’t like intruding and am very nervous when I first meet people. However after some convincing, I gave in and went; it turned out to be an exceptional evening.

The bar/restaurant was a terrace that sat a top of a cliff that overlooked a river valley. It was incredibly picturesque especially with the sun setting and a bogie train crossing the wood arched bridge but somehow I entirely forgot to snap more than one terrible picture.

Instead I was deeply invested in a conversation about politics and affirmative action with a woman I just met who sat across from me, physically as well as politically. I am used to having a variety of conversations about politics, especially with people who have varying opinions than I, considering that my co-writer and I share this difference in political opinion. And much like my conversations with her, my discussion with this woman seemed to fall along the same lines. We both had differing opinions for various reasons but we could still talk civilly if not more intimately without having negative words for one another. We also could agree on various details and actions that should be taking place but just aren’t. We both had our questions and continued to discuss the development of our opinions because of our personal experiences. We even ventured into religion. And somehow by the end of the night, we both liked each other even more.

The table as a whole had discussed recent trials, politics, affirmative action, obamacare, religion, and even each other’s mothers but with respect and dignity.

The whole evening I couldn’t help but think, we are all passionate about our opinions and voiced them without being rude or disrespectful, we even came to various agreements, so why are our national and international politics such a bloody mess. I know it is far more complex issue but it seems like everyone is generally frustrated and there needs to be some change. The old systems of two parties divided doesn’t seem to be working. So when are we going to stop fighting each other and start working together? We need a new way to face and define politics and parties and its a problem that seems to have been around for a while so what’s the hold up?

I believe people are inherently good and we can come to agreements but somehow the ideas of our founding fathers to create parties based on ideologies to make sure the best come out and compromises can be made, has only pushed us into a polarized battle. Why don’t we have a bipartisan party?

I guess I am a naive young person but I can’t help but think there has to be a better way to solve this problem. When a groups of semi-drunk 24-38year olds sitting in a bar could figure it out, why can’t the old farts in Washington?

This was the first time I had met many of these people and after the basic small talk about each others’ occupations and the weather, we jumped right into the icky stuff that people say you shouldn’t talk about. But shouldn’t we? Why reserve the hard stuff for later? Because it may cause issue? Isn’t it better to know right off the bat? Besides isn’t conversation the solution to problems? I try to not to cause issues but I also know I usually hit the iffy subjects unfortunately quickly but I have never lost a friend because of it. In fact, most of the time, I have gained more and like them a lot more too.

Maybe the conversation do’s and don’ts list needs a revision. What do you think? Am I just a bold soul who swims with sharks? Or should there be some change?


Secondary causes for screaming

The USA has been given a lot of flack in recent days for the rising costs of childbirth, with ranges from $10-20,000 pending on natural delivery or C-section, and every minor procedure or test being itemized on the final bill. I think Zimbabwe takes the (birthday) cake for the most ludicrous itemization of childbirth–screaming. It’s a pretty well-known fact around the world that screaming..kindof just happens in this situation. In some countries in fact the mom-to-be actually gets a bigger gift from her husband post-delivery the louder she does so! With the average income in Zimbabwe being $150/year, the $5 per scream rule is a bit over the top. Do the hospital admins really value the peace and quiet that much, or do you think they’re just looking to see the money?
While the US may be criticized for its pricey delivery fees, this income-to-potential-cost ratio has to be one of the worst I’ve seen. Especially if you’ve get a set of lungs.
Read about the rest here

For the record, the rule only applies to moms. Newborns are allowed to scream as much as they wish given that you know, they’re babies and all.

What do you think of this proposal? Is this a good policy or just a way to make money? Should other countries adopt this rule?

xo SA