Should have learnt from Snow White, apples are poisonous


I cannot begin to describe how utterly appalled I am with apple service lately. I have had iPhones before but I think this one will be my last one. I got an upgrade to the 4S last summer as a gift and within months (3 to be exact) I started experiencing issues. From no access to the internet when I had full wifi and service, to dropped calls, and even a loose top button. I am anal about keeping my phone clean and protected so I have never dropped it or am even rough with it. I don’t take it into the bathroom, expose it to extreme heat or cold and definitely don’t let it get wet. However, endless problems.

I have gone back multiple times to the store without any progress on a solution (them claiming nothing is wrong) or a replacement phone. Every time, they look at me like I am crazy or tell me some lame excuse that they have no category to store my complaint under so they can’t replace my phone. How about the customer is not happy?! Or it just doesn’t work?! What happened to the customer is always right! I wasn’t the only one in the store who has been having the same problems.

The man next to me was complaining about the same issues and his phone was newer than mine. He tried to explain to the “genius” that he didn’t have time to keep coming back or put up with this ridiculousness. Looking around, regardless of their gadget, many people seemed frustrated. All I could think was, this is the reason this store is always packed, none of their shit works and they don’t stand by their product or their customer.

The worst was the gentleman next to me who had just purchased a brand new iPad. He had an employee (I no longer can accept to call them “geniuses”) trying to teach him how to use it. Although he was an older gentleman, he was also a pilot and comfortable with technology. But somehow she couldn’t answer a single one of his basic questions and confused him so much that he told her he would rather go home and look it up on YouTube. While (for the first time after the 12th visit to the store) the guy helping me was at least trying a few tests and options and seemed to have some competence, many of the other employees seemed to be wandering around, without having any answers and being horribly unhelpful to the increasing amount of people in the store.

I could not be more disappointed or agitated by a company and their procedures. After nearly 2 hours and nothing changed other than more frustration, I headed home.

I have had issues with other electronics before too but all the other companies replaced my gadget if not upgraded me without any questions. These smart phones are bound to break, why doesn’t Apple, this Multi billion dollar industry, own up to it and be a better company? But then again this whole smartphone industry is out of control. Why is something that is made to be carried everywhere and used for everything so fragile and not immune to the wear and tear of daily grind? Why should I even have to case it? Sure it’s a cool accessory but should these things be built to be more durable when their usage is known.

My warranty has official run out and even though I still have issues, I give up. I refuse to spend money to replace my phone so I will wait my year and next time, I am going to try something else. I am tired of this monopoly.

Have you guys had similar issues? What did you do? Any ideas? Or solutions? What phones do you have? Any recommendations?