“Bad news isn’t wine. It doesn’t improve with age.”

You may want to rethink your next happy hour….We’ve all heard about the effects of drinking, and especially the toll it takes on our bodies long-term. Of course, by the end of our college days, we come to this conclusion ourselves to some extent (your first 2-day hangover will do this to you), but what effect does this REALLY have on us? And in particular, our outward appearance. In our twenties and thirties we frequently see older adults who look aged as a clear sign of drinking, but most of us assume we probably aren’t partying as hard as them…but are we really?

Well, in an effort to cut down on excessive drinking, the government of Scotland has released a new app aimed at mhealth, specifically with regards to how alcohol, over a ten year time period, can change your outward appearance. While many consumers may not binge drink, the frequent glass of wine with dinner or at happy hour with friends still adds up over time, and this is meant to bring attention to that fact. The app is called “Drinking Mirror”, and I highly encourage you to invest in the 99cent download. At the least, it’s a great thing to bring to the pub and keep your friends amused for hours. But really, it will have you seriously rethink that second glass of wine this weekend. I for one was horrified with my results.


Based on what you know of the effects of heavy drinking, do you think this app is an accurate account of what you’ll look like in 10 years? Will it change your drinking habits?

xo SA