Nailed it! The sunny side of polish.

For me, in this category, obsessed would be an understatement.

I own 112 bottles of nail polish, not including the crackle bottles, thin brush bottles, tiny to go bottles, top coats, or glitter bottles. I have pretty much every accessory: from rhinestones, stickers, stampers, and even the Cavier beads. Opi, fresh paint, funky fingers, Essie, wet and wild, and even sephora’s holiday kits, are all a part of my collection and I love it. I find doing my nails relaxes me and also helps me maintain my creativity and ambidexterity. Some of you my find me crazy but I am totally okay with that. Buying nail polish is like retail therapy for me, only cheaper because I get my bottles 3 for $5. I also don’t buy them as frequently as it sounds, I just don’t really get rid of colors. Also most of my friends know that nail polish is the best gift for me so I tend to accumulate even more. I also love the weird colors and pride myself on my ability to create even more awesome designs. In a world where I rarely fit into the clothes that I think are the most fashionable, nail polish is my one place where it always fits and always looks amazing. I can be bold, subdued, classy, crazy, or even just funny whenever I feel like it.

I also really love all the new trends of texture and designs that have taken over the market. I recently gave in to a stamper (only $5 so I don’t feel that bad) and it is pretty cool. But more than anything I am really obsessed with the new color changing polish.

A few years ago I went to the Bahamas where color changing was a huge fad. It was on clothes, hair pins, and even polish there but I never bought it because it was a little too expensive but I found some sweet bottles in my usual 3 for 5 bin the other day and was over joyed. There was a vast variety but I ended up picking a white shimmer that changed to a light gold and a bright teal that became a purple color.

Both actually worked surprisingly well and now I am excited to see if more colors will be released.

I am posting two pictures here but they don’t truly show the awesomeness of the color change because the sun today isn’t as bright and my nails are about a week old. (I totally forgot to take pictures when I first painted… But I will update when I put on a fresh coat). That is the only down side, after about a week of washing and working, they don’t turn as dynamically as the do when you first paint them but I still think they are pretty awesome.

Indoor: the white is a little more white than the picture shows


Outdoor: usually a lot stronger purple but the sun want “really” out


Anyway, do you share my obsession? Do you have your own? Would you try this trend? What do you think?

Let us know below!




Lifestyles of the Rich and the Absurd…were the Madden brothers right?

Sorry for the week long hiatus, life sort of got in the way. Anyway, I recently tripped up over some news that I found highly entertaining: 

The ability to poop glitter… Yes, you read that right. I am not talking about the mythical unicorn excrement or even Ke$ha style but actually glittering gold or silver with your number two. 

Apparently old news but been revitalized more recently, this Tobias Wong invention/design/creation has surfaced in a few articles lately. A designer from New York who made some strange pieces of “art” and design (obviously) created a pill that includes 24 caret gold and makes your poop sparkle. He originally created a silver version back in 1998 but now even gold is available. The pills cost $425 a piece and are supposed to “work” for about 24 to 30 hours. I am not entirely sure where they are available but apparently they do exist. 

Tobias Wong on the other hand, unfortunately, no longer does. After suffering for  many years from various sleep disorders the designer committed suicide three years ago in his New York apartment. Although there doesn’t seem to be very much information on him or his death, he was a regarded as an artist on the brink of success before he passed away. Some of his works have been displayed in the MoMA, including his bulletproof quilted duvet and rubber dipped Tiffany pearls, while others are housed in various galleries and even some traveling shows. 

So what do you think? If you had $425 to blow would you try these bad boys out? Or is glittery sh*t not really your thing?