Sunday Sundae or Sunday Parfait….

I have been trying harder to cut out sugary items from my diet and it is not easy. Around every corner lurks another a delicious sweet that is calling my sweet tooth’s name.

Sunday Sundaes used to be a staple in our college cafe and sometimes I still miss them but I also know how sugar and calorie laced they are. Instead, I tried a little twist on this old favorite. It may take some getting used to and is definitely a more acquired taste than ice cream and sprinkles but it’s my small step in (hopefully) the right direction.

photo (20)

Like many of my recipes, you can really use whatever ingredients you want that suit your taste but here’s what I did:

1. Grab whatever size glass or cup you think is appropriate for you.
2. Place whatever fruit (I used strawberries to start) on the bottom…nuts (like walnuts, my fav) or even crushed grahm crackers are a good base.
3. Then put a dollop of non-fat greek yogurt. (You can use whatever flavor you want. I went with plain so there is no sugar at all. Most store bought yogurts also have rather pungent taste and are thick so make sure you try it before you use it. I used homemade yogurt because it is a little softer and not as tart-y; it’s also all I had.)
4. Then layer in another layer of fruit. (I used bananas here.)
5. OPTIONAL: I put in a very very thin layer of chocolate syrup here and a sprinkle of more crushed graham crackers.
6. More fruit. (Added more strawberries.)
7. Another dollop of yogurt.
8. Granola or nuts or crushed graham crackers.

and voila!

photo (21)

I also threw on a little whipped cream and chocolate on top too. I know it does have some more sugar that it probably should but I am pretending the homemade yogurt and not ice cream and no sprinkles and easier helpings of the chocolate make it okay.

What do you think? Do you have your own version? What fruits would you use?