crunchy granola hippie

I won’t claim to be the most organic, clean eating, chemical free, crunchy granola hippie out there but I gotta say, I am part of the club. I know there are a lot of buzzwords that float around about being eco-friendly, healthy, organic, pesticide and chemical free and while most of it just seems elitist and confusing, it actually may be something to pay attention to.

I won’t talk too much about food because let’s be real, that’s a huge topic and the whole system is riddled with chemicals, cancer inducing agents, things no one can pronounce, and tampered, poisoned, and contaminated ingredients that unless you want to pay an exuberant amount of money that none of us have or grow your own, is damn near impossible to avoid.

So instead, I am just going to highlight some cool products that have lately been putting some really cool stuff on their labels. It may be a small change but I am glad it is starting and more available than ever before. I am going to make sure I pay attention to it too…and I hope you do too!

The first product I have to say I am giving major props to is….

EOS: evolution of smooth. These little eggs are so adorable and totally badass. They are gluten-free, paraben-free, petrolatum- free, phthalate-free, and still taste delicious and make your lips so smooth and soft that no winter wind or cold sore will ever ruin!

They come in a variety of colors, are easy to care around, and totally affordable! (since they are available at nearly every drugstore and even 5 Below!)



I also reticently started shopping for a more of my beauty/hygiene products at natural/organic stores especially since I have jumped on the whole shampoo has seriously too many chemicals bandwagon, (I haven’t gone as far as stopped shampooing-oh yes, that’s a serious thing…look it up! Some people have gone years!) I still try to stay away with the ones that are a super loaded with all things I can’t pronounce. They can be pricier but you just have to be a smart shopper. Same goes for face cream which also freaks me out. I was going to pick up an e.l.f. moisturizing stick the other day because they concept and the price both were awesome but when I found out how much parabens were loaded into it, I just could not bring myself to reach in my pocket or bring that anywhere near my face! Instead I picked up a Dessert Essence Cream …look at this label:

Aud&Ant 029Aud&Ant 031


Isn’t it awesome?! ¬†Gluten Free, RENEWABLE SOURCES!!!!!! CRUELTY FREE!!!! and LOOK ALL THE CRAP IT DOESN’T HAVE!!!


My last highlight goes to LUNA bars. While they are a energy bar company and I am a mega fan, I am talking about their chap stick today. I am not sure if they actually sell them individually or if they just happen to come as samples in boxes every once in a while but I scored one at a conference called SHEsummit where they had a booth. This stick is a tinted lip gloss of Raspberry Shine and while I took it for granted at first, it is a coveted essential in my bag now. Not only is it a great hint of color bursting with moisture but it also does not contain a lot of crap!

Aud&Ant 042Aud&Ant 045


So I am glad things are slowly changing and while sometimes I intentionally look for these labels, I am glad some of my trusted brands are incorporating  this into their mission without me even knowing! I love it! Will you read more labels now?

How important is this to you? Do you care it products have chemicals in them or are tested on animals? Does it matter where your everyday items come from? Or do you prefer not knowing because something is going to kills us all someday anyway?