The Color Purple & Macaroni and Cheese

So as I sit here in my cubicle listening to LFO (yes, you read that right), I was thinking of all of the 90s comebacks that have been made in 2013, as well as the ones planned for 2014. While not everyone may be on this bandwagon, my teenybopper self is beyond thrilled. And lets be honest, if it wasn’t for my co-blogger, it is entirely possible that this site would become a shrine to everything late 90s. While much of the fashion can be tossed to the wayside, pop culture still reigns strong.

Thus, I bring you my top 5 comebacks of 2013/2014:

#5: Brand New

They had some cool songs back in the day..and maybe aren’t entirely the 90s. But regardless, I’m excited and you should be too. I know folks driving long distances to see some of these shows they’re playing.


#4: BSB

Backstreet’s been back for a while, but really.. 20 years! That’s a pretty big feat. And they had a cruise this year (which I’m still crying over having not gone on). How can you NOT love these boys for never going out of fashion?


#3: NSync

JT, again, never really gone out of style. But the VMA’s were a sight to be seen. Having all the boys together again will make any millenial’s heart melt.


#2: Boy Meets World

More specifically Girl Meets World, the story of Cory & Topanga’s children (they have children…that are old enough to have their own Disney Channel show. Feel old yet?). Filming has already started and it’s set to air in early 2014. The blogosphere will provide you plenty of BMW love and spoilers for those of you who (like yours truly) can NOT wait.


#1: O-Town

Okay, so very little details have been released about this one yet (and I’ve tweeted/insta-chatted my dismay at this many times already to the boys), but it’s happening. We know for a fact they’re back in the studio recording together, even if it is sans-APA, and have a Twitter account for the band that they’ve been working hard at getting certified/gaining support for (@OTownOfficial). My inner teeny-bopper can not handle this level of excitement. Judge away. #BabyIWould


What is the 90s comeback you’re most recently excited about?

xo SA