Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the snowflakes are so delightful!

I LOVE the holidays and not like a little… Like a WHOLE LOT! I feel like even with the madness, there is this undeniable happiness, hope, love, and excitement filling the atmosphere. I love the colors, the smells, the decorations, the get togethers and all the things everyone else seems to hate. Mostly though, I LOVE giving gifts! I love making them, buying them, wrapping them and most of all watching everyone open them! Although this year I am low on the funds and can’t afford to be buying and sending too much, I found a quirky idea for my cards! I hope you like them and try them too because they are simply out of this world!

Thanks to the absolute geniuses of Anthony Herrera Designs and Chaunce Dolan of Mattersofgrey.com, the world can create the best snowflakes ever. With nearly 25 Star Wars patterns, they have revolutionized the art of snowflake making.


I printed a few patterns and gave them a go. They are tricky at first but if you stick it out, they are seriously the coolest winter gifts ever! I plan to make many many more!

Here is the link: http://mattersofgrey.com/diy-star-wars-snowflakes/

All you have to do is print out the PDF, cut out the circle, fold it according to the pattern and cut out the grey sections. Once unfolded, they look amazing-o!

I did it on regular computer paper because most of the stock of my colored/patterned paper is just too thick. I also left the paper white because I like how it is a little bit of secret and not boldly visible that there is a hidden pattern within the flake! Of course you are more than welcome to do whatever you wish to do!

I am sure I will be attempting to implement this pattern in other projects but I am not quite sure how yet but I will definitely keep you posted!

May the flake be with you!