How I hate the term Son of a B****

Lately I have been hearing this term rather frequently and it just makes me crazy! Again it is a perfect example of how sexist our world is. Even if the dude is a douchebag, blame is placed on his mother?! No! Unacceptable! Stop shifting blame onto women when these fools act like buttheads. Let them own up to their horrible behavior and stop enforcing this phrase to further sexism in our society! He gets a dignified name even when it’s his actions that cause the phrase to be used in the first place while his mother (who probably had to put up with this terrible fool) gets called a derogatory term. How is that okay?! I refuse to allow this behavior to continue. Take this term out of regular vernacular and start paying attention to the language we use today!



oh my god, we’re back again…brothers, sisters, everybody sing!

HELLLOOO FRIENDSSS! I know it’s been quite a while since there has been anything posted for ya’all to ooo and ahh over (and while I blame my co-writer entirely) I guess I can put something up for you guys to nibble on.

I know I keep promising serious and longer articles and have yet to post them, (I do have intention and ideas to do that, I just somehow seem to always get preoccupied) I hope they make an appearance soon but in the mean time, I am writing you a snack size sweet treat all about a topic I passionately believe in: comedy and laughter.

I believe laughing is the best feeling in the world, especially when you can share it with others. I love telling and hearing lame jokes because I always feel even if the joke isn’t funny, it lightens the mood. I always appreciate great comedy too and I find its is incredibly difficult to come by. While most people rely on making fun of others through racist comments or crude remarks, the classic, witty, and pure belly rumbling laughter that doesn’t need to make someone or group of people the butt of the joke is impossible to find. I have been listening to pandora’s comedy stations lately and while I have found some great comedians, there seems to be a underlying tone of sadness to most of the jokes because they expose the reality of the sometimes horrible world we live in. While sometimes it can be funny, I can’t handle the jokes against race, sexual orientation, religion, and especially gender. I also cannot relate to the overtly sexual, drug/alcohol experience, or incredibly crude/rude/gross jokes. Where had all the good, classic, clean and just plain funny stuff gone?! Maybe this is because I am a optimistic-love everyone-hippie but I am so proud of it. In a world where people really could use a laugh today, I hope comedy can evolve really be the change that brings people together.

What about you? Do you have a favorite joke or comedian? Let us know below. I love a good joke!