I’ll keep it short: From Brittany to Beyonce, the immersion of short hair into modern fashion

Brittany may have startled the media by razoring her hair but really she should have just used the opportunity to rock a new do. Even though she may have been having a melt down, all the coverage on short hair lately makes me believe she would have helped her image and even maybe her self esteem a lot more if she went with a pixie instead of hiding her reverse Mohawk with the same look she has had for nearly ten years.

Look at Emma Watson for example; after years playing Herminone Granger, she faced the change (and maybe a little bit of her nerves and panic) with a drastic do that got her tons of positive attention.

From Emma, to Miley (who although has been headlining for many other reasons as well) still can’t escape the constant haircut questions and adorations. Even Charlize Theron, Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman, as well a number of other stars, have all recently been sporting insanely short and ridiculously sexy styles. Not only do I love the change, the nod to androgyny, and tip of the hat to an ever changing definition of “sexy locks”, I love these bold women being proud of who they are and their choices of wearing bombastic haircuts that really are all about what they want. Straying from what stars “should” looks like, they all rock fabulously funky looks that are undeniably awesome.

And it looks like Queen Bey wants in on the action too! Releasing a picture on twitter and Instagram earlier today sporting a short pixie, which I am sure will go viral shortly if it hasn’t already (remember you saw it here first!), Beyonce debuted her new fierce look.

Although I have always had an obsession and talent with interesting twists, braids, colors, and styles, I love the edgy and easiness of short hair. I also love that I can be more drastic with my makeup because it is more of the focus. My co-author and I have rocked our fair share of shortie cuts, as I like to call them, and in fact, I have one now. Unfortunately it is not the one I originally wanted but the plus side of short hair cuts is that, it’s hair! It grows and I can try again in two weeks! I highly recommend shortie cuts, they are edgy, sexy, flattering, and really match any face that rocks them with confidence. You can still accessorize and there are so many great fun styles too. I threw up some pictures for your pleasure.

This was my inspiration since I was/am obsessed with this look:


Michelle Williams:


Another cool look:




I like how edgy this one is:


Queen Bey herself: LOVE IT!
I am sure I won’t be the only one taking this picture to the hairdresser in the coming weeks!



Emma Watson:


Anne Hathaway: love how feminine and edgy this look is:



I am not going to lie, I love Miley’s cut, it’s ballsy, bold, and she does it well.



And really can’t you get any sexier than Charlize:


So do you have a shortie do? Are you contemplating one? Not really your thing? So you like Beyonce’s attempt to join the trend? I won’t lie, I wish I could pull of a blonde do even though I am brown but chances are I can’t so I won’t but shortie cuts are always a good idea, besides hair grows, life’s too short not to be bold!