Sharkbait ooo ha ha

One of my favorite weeks all year is Sharkweek via Discovery channel. Not only does it display how awesome sharks and nature are but it’s also entertaining and educational all in one. In recent years, Sharkweek has propelled into a pop culture phenomenon. As an avid fan of sharks and Discovery channel, I am glad it’s getting its due fame but this year the trend seems to have exploded and seeped into a new realm, fashion; which is a wave I am definitely ready and willing to ride.

I can’t accept the whole “eat shark meat” fad because that just seems wrong to me. I keep hoping that shark week educates people that sharks are really not evil (don’t go pissing them off and you’ll be fine) and are really just awesome predators that got lucky in the gene pool. Apparently that’s optimistic thinking of me but maybe slowly people will stop hunting them since its bad enough we are encroaching their habitats. But, I can definitely understand other shark trends like socks, shoes, clothes, and bags… Just maybe not shark hair. And of course, who’s not excited about Sharknado 2!!!



In theory I like the idea of shark bathing suits but maybe not this one since it looks like either the shark is eating her lady parts or more so like her lady parts have shark teeth. Either way, not flattering.



These on the other hand are AWESOME!!!



What about you? Are you a Sharkweek fan? Do you daydream about going diving with sharks or is that just me? Do you like any of these fashions? Would you wear them?