“You can have whatever you want if you dress for it â€

I consider shopping a sport. For unknown reasons, many individuals in fact hate this concept, particularly when it comes to times that you have to look your best, or at the absolute least, professional. Even those of us who would consider a stroll down 5th Ave their perfect Saturday, however, can appreciate the benefit that comes from an expert opinion. Generally speaking, I trust my best friend to tell me if that the yellow dress I picked up makes me look like a jaundiced lemon who is 8-months pregnant, and that I should in fact put on the rack. However, that’s not to say that she is in fact an ‘expert’. She’s merely brutually honest (and we really appreciate it. Honestly.)
A true expert opinion can fill the gaps in your wardrobe, and maybe actually put to use that really cool flower-y shirt you bought two seasons ago but can’t figure out what it matches with. They can convince you that with the right accessories, you really CAN pull off that leather coat without looking like a biker, and that you were in fact wearing the wrong neckline with that jewelry you love. Simple switches and additions to basically tweak what you already have. Who doesn’t want a personal stylist, right?
Well, in theory, now everyone can get one. I’m a busy working gal, so when I saw an advert for the third stylist-in-a-box this week, I saw it as a sign from above. Think Birchbox meets Rent The Runway. You create an online profile of what you love and hate, along with what you look like, and then you get mailed a box of gorgeous designer clothes. You try them all on, keep what you love, mail back what doesn’t work, and ta-da! Brand new wardrobe. While the great part of this is that you only have to pay for what you end up keeping, let’s just say these stylists don’t pick items from the sale rack. I don’t doubt that you’ll always be looking super fabulous if you are a frequent user of the stylist-in-a-box method, however unless you’re raking in some serious dough, you may want to leave the style advice to your bestie.
Below are a few of the companies that I keep hearing about. Based off of their online samples, remind me to call them when I win big 🙂





And to keep the gents in your life looking dashing…


Fall 2012

Have you ever used a stylist? Would you use a mail-away stylist such as those featured here?

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