The latest colors of Royalty

Audrey & Antoinette

With the Royal baby bump watch well underway, I promise not to add to the slew of photos commenting on Middleton’s size, shape, diet, etc etc etc becayse, for the record, I think she looks quite fabulous (and healthy) pregnant. To say I was beyond an avid follower of the Royal Wedding a few years back is quite the understatement. My co-author can attest that I dragged her out of bed at 4am EST just to watch the nuptuals live from the east coast of the USA, purple mimosas and all. I’m not generally that enthused when it comes to babies, however the next King/Queen of UK? I can get behind that and all the fabulousness the welcoming of he/she shall bring. To be honest, I’m just looking forward to the adorable photos of Uncle Harry holding the bundle of royal joy.

To celebrate the upcoming birth from the Duke and Duchess of…

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Over in the cabbage patch of London…

In honor of today’s mom-to-be, I felt that Audrey&Antoinette would have to dedicate a post to the fabulous fashion that is Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. We all know this lovely lady has been a fashion icon since she landed her man in everything from the signature L.K. Bennett’s to making Alexander McQueen a household name across the pond. Even in the final hours of her pregnancy she has been looking fabulous, and without question changing the face of modern maternity wear. (I assure you I will not be wearing heels at 8 months!)
Below are some of my personal favorites from over the years, and I’m sure you will agree with me that this classy lady will make the heir-to-be equally as fabulous as he/she grows up and takes the throne.

Because it was impossible to leave THE wedding dress off the list…


Looking like a lady in purple with her boo, HRH.


The perfect amount of glitz…


Announcing the engagement…didn’t this dress sell out of stores in 20 minutes after the photo was released?

But really, who looks THIS good pregnant??


Classy in black lace..


And my personal favorite…

Congrats to Kate and the entire Royal family on the new arrival!

xo SA