The alphabet of makeup

As if figuring out what the heck BB and CC cream was, I recently find out that they are now making–you guessed it–a DD cream. Huh?
For full disclosure, I presently own BB cream, and am a fan of everyday usage. CC’s I have tried in sample size, and were also a fan. Given that I generally applied them the same way (whether this was proper usage or not), I didn’t really see the difference between the two. Which I why I figured I would do a little investigating when I heard that there was a new addition the the makeup alphabet family.


BB Cream: AKA Beauty Balm/Blemish Balm. Essentially a tinted moisturizer on steroids. Apparently been on the market in the US since 2011, but hit their popularity peak in early 2013. Have been noted to be interchangeable with primer due to its moisturizing and coverage properties. Light enough to wear under foundation, but I find that it provides enough coverage to use by itself on a day to day basis.

CC Cream: AKA Color Control/Color Correcting Cream. A more serious version of its cousin the BB. Doesn’t have quite as many moisturizing properties, however gets down to business if you need more coverage for acne, dark spots, etc. I personally loved it because it evened out skin tone while covering the discolored spots. It worked much better than normal coverup/concealer in this respect, which essentially looked like an art project on my face in comparison. Also cool about the product was that it can be used on a much wider variety of skin tones. I did my sister’s makeup a few weeks back (i’m pale/beige in makeup and she’s usually more in the darker olive family..yes, we’re 100% blood related) and she was successfully able to share my same bottle color. Miracle!

DD Cream: AKA Daily Defense/Dynamic Do-all Cream. A fabulous combination of BB and CC, with anti-aging properties thrown into the mix. Supposed to work wonders on fine lines both day-of and long term. Not too many on the market momentarily, but I’m sure this product will be big given the success of their predecessors. Plus, who doesn’t love getting rid of/preventing wrinkles?

Also important to note, while some CC cream companies also have products for your hair, DD creams are also coming out with similar products for your body.


Has anyone tried DD cream? Which of the following products are you favorite? Any tips on using them?

xo SA


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