Boybands and Beverages

Whether you all would like to admit to it or not, I’m sure at least a number of you were fans of boybands back in the day. Specifically Hanson, the brothers with long blonde tresses that Mmmbopped their ways into your hearts (don’t deny it, they were adorable.).
Aside from still creating music–and proudly having a career that is one year older than that of the Backstreet Boys, they now are making their way in to the beer industry! As a celebration of their 21st year as a group, Hanson has released Mmmhops, a pale ale that group member Taylor compared to Sierra Nevada.
I’m not generally a beer fan, but boyband fan I am. Thus, if I stumble across Mmmhops, there’s no way I wouldn’t try it!
Thoughts? Would you buy this just to try it?
Read more about their brew here


And just because you know you love it…


xo SA

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