Fact: On this day in 1997, Harry Potter and the Scorer’s Stone was Published.

Can you believe it has been this long? Harry Potter is hands down one of my favorite book series of all times. I am not even going to bother to tell you how awesome it is because you already know and if you don’t, there is no point in explaining because you seriously just missed out. I grew up with Harry Potter and learnt so much from it that it has grown to be an integral part of my childhood, love for books, and probably personality too at this point so on it’s sweet sixteen anniversary I just had to acknowledge it. So here are a few of my favorite memes and pictures that I have seen recently based on these exceptional books (I know there are millions but obviously I couldn’t fit them all). Also at the end is possibly one of the greatest videos (other than HP The Musical by the oh so gorgeous Darren Criss). Enjoy 🙂

hp m




photo (1)


Also because Avatar the last Airbender is basically the best animated tv show out there if not the best tv show period (and highly underrated even though nickelodeon does not give it enough credit).


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsYWT5Q_R_w (WATCH IT…IT’S HILARIOUS!!!)

So what are your favorite memories of hp? Favorite book out of the series? Fav characters? Memes? Characters you love to hate? Questions you still have that you wish could be answered?

I have recently decided to reread the series… again…. So obviously there will be more hp related articles coming your way!



soon to be cover photo

Hello friends!

So I know we have been MIA recently (life just has a tendency of getting in the way) but don’t you worry, we are back in action!

I just have a brief thought for you now but we have some awesome and serious articles coming up within the next few weeks. With all this political action, obviously we have some opinions that need to be aired!

But here’s what I got today: Sandwich art! It seems to be a new trend taking over kids’ lunch boxes (well sorta, taking into account people who actually make their kid’s lunches and actually do this) but regardless. There is a Pinterest page, recipes and ideas all over parenting magazines and kids magazines and it even had mini debut on the Dr. Oz show.


Although I think it’s adorable and the whole idea of decorative foods is a billion dollar industry (um charm city cakes? Cupcake wars? Challenge? Food network?!?) and we all do attempt it to some degree.. Is this ridiculous? Even worth it?

What do you think? I like it but I think I would be totally heartbroken if I worked so hard on something and it was gone in a few seconds but then again in today’s social media world I am sure it would never “really” be gone!

Let me know what you think!



Boybands and Beverages

Whether you all would like to admit to it or not, I’m sure at least a number of you were fans of boybands back in the day. Specifically Hanson, the brothers with long blonde tresses that Mmmbopped their ways into your hearts (don’t deny it, they were adorable.).
Aside from still creating music–and proudly having a career that is one year older than that of the Backstreet Boys, they now are making their way in to the beer industry! As a celebration of their 21st year as a group, Hanson has released Mmmhops, a pale ale that group member Taylor compared to Sierra Nevada.
I’m not generally a beer fan, but boyband fan I am. Thus, if I stumble across Mmmhops, there’s no way I wouldn’t try it!
Thoughts? Would you buy this just to try it?
Read more about their brew here


And just because you know you love it…


xo SA