I like big buns and I cannot lie…

I guess I have jumped on the bun bandwagon even though I prefer doing seriously intricate braids and more crazy hairstyles than buns; but I cannot lie, they are growing on me and I kinda like that they are simple to do but have an elegant effect.

I still don’t like the ones that are outrageously big or Princess Leia looking, or for that matter, too small but the goldilocks of buns is definitely a fashion trend I will be rocking this summer.

I hate having my hair in my face or even down and especially when it is hot. That’s why I usually resort to styling insane braids or keep my hair too short to even be brushed. This is because naturally I have easily tangle-able, excessively curly, neck-ache heavy hair. While there are definitely pluses to it (like the insane amounts and use of accessories I have and use), most of the time the daily management and amount of shampoo and conditioner I run through is slightly obscene.

I didn’t really want to give into any sort of trinket to help me make my bun because it seemed silly to spend money on a tool that was nothing more than a rolled up sock or rubbery scrunchie, but I found one today in the dollar bin so I decided that was a pretty decent trade.

It took me a few times to get it to sit right but I actually like that the bun isn’t so heavy and it works way better at holding my hair in the sock I have been using.

photo (15)

photo (16)

This was one of my first tries and as you can see I have raging black hair which unfortunately does not allow me to me to dye or chalk it or even add feathers because it just doesn’t take or show up, but I still try so there are some streaks of purple and (worse, I really have to deal with those, blonde that used to be purple but have faded).

I added a upside-down french braid on my second go and fully intend to add a bunch of tiny braids into the bun and of course crazy accessories from pins, ribbons, flowers to rhinestones into the look in the next few weeks. I usually just experiment with my do’s and see what works best for my crazy hair but I also really love Mindy from Cute Girls Hairstyles tutorials for inspiration.

photo (14)

Also, more recently, my grandmother has sent me a new bucket load of scarves to wear and being a scarf obsessed kid I was more than overjoyed. While the weather is slowing moving out of scarf season instead of packing up my favorite accessory and outfit completer, I have decided to rock as headbands and headscarves. Check out Scarves.net on youtube for some awesome tutorials.

What are some of your favorite do’s? Let me know!