Say what you need to say….or don’t and follow the code…

For centuries, men have tried to understand women and women to understand men and instead of literally saying what we feel, should, or want to say, we have instead created a massively intricate cipher of behaviors that somehow we are all to live by….The wildly ridiculous, mildly hilarious,  constantly revised (to fit the standards of whoever decides to use it to defend their argument), infamously articulated, and potentially nonexistent….  Code. (or, The Code, if you want to talk semantics…).


But really, it seems to wear quite a few hats depending on who it’s keeper is. From Guy Code to Girl Code, Bro Code, to The Gentlemen’s Code, it has clearly evolved over time but still made a pretty solid foundation in society and more recently, pop culture. Sure, we have have some general rules and behaviors that we probably should ideally maintain, like the law and general common decency, but this code situation seems to stretch far past the written or accepted norms and provides guidelines on social behaviors.  While Barney Stinson’s version constantly changes and leads to comical release on a relatively regular basis, there are probably some places that knowing when to do what or when not to do what can be extremely helpful (especially when you are a girl knowing your wears in your wheres can be a game changer).

So who should we seek for these answers? Where are the all knowing date advise prophet or wardrobe preachers when you need them? How come the cool kids just inherit it while the rest of us are thrown into the world without an instruction manual or even a cheat sheet?  With the fluidity of these rules, where are you supposed to get the full set of regulations and amendments that are flying around?

Well, apparently MTV has decided to write your scripture for you. Gathering some “great minds” MTV has created a reality series called Girl Code, based of the surprise hit Guy Code. At first I was skeptical, I mean really, guys all seem to have some sorta of fundamental similarities but girls? The only thing that defines us is the word and even then not really; with some of us claiming to be girls, others women, ladies, and not to mention all the other more provocative or “inappropriate” labels projected or self proclaimed. Sure they can claim guy, dude, boy, man, and doucheface are all categories of their own but somehow they are all the same but girls, we have our own caste system that isn’t quite linear but rather extensive. Regardless, I gave it a go, my narcissistic “what will these people know about me?” bitchface aside. And let me tell you, I was relatively surprised how much they did.

It turns out there are really somethings that all girls should know. Most of the stuff on the show thus far has really been relatively true which makes it hilarious. (but that’s what good comedy is right? truth, so you dying laughing screaming “soooo trueee”). I can’t say that I really see my personality in any of the main hosts but regardless, they understand the situation and give you the low down pretty straight up. The best part, they don’t hold back, giving advice and talking about all the uncomfortable stuff right out on national television for the world to see. It’s like kickin’ with your besties, only without them knowing your dirty laundry.

In reality, it may not be perfectly accurate or even relatable to everyone but hey, it’s just a half hour of guilty pleasure trashy tv… after all it is MTV…

What do you think? Do you have your own code with your friends? Things you just know or do? How did they come about (some crazy inside joke/story/situation? or based on one of these “generic” codes?) PLEASE SHARE SOME OF YOUR RULES!!!I AM SOOOO INTERESTED!!! I am going to think of a few my friends and I live by and update this post with them…so please leave yours! (or things you think people SHOULD know but somehow missed the memo!)