May the Fourth be with you….

Any Star Wars fans in the house? 


I can’t lie, I am geek in and out and that is my personal copy of one of my favorite books of all time! I thoroughly enjoyed the movies and franchise as a whole and still do. Granted, I can’t recite every line or think Jedi’s are real but I still love and highly respect George Lucas for his ability to create an entirely original universe with such detail and capture generations of audiences. I think his ideas were beyond his time and although I can’t say that the newest three movies where anywhere close to being as amazing as the original three, I can understand his desire to make the movies just to use the technology to truly showcase his vision. (I mean, imagine if the original movies were made today; the technology would make them beyond mind blowing…not that they aren’t already.) What I love most is that Lucas created the stories with the intention of making them into films; they were not books first.  (When books are made into movies, rarely are do they contain the central details and characteristics that drive the plot and make the story irresistible.) Instead he stayed within his realm where he let his imagination run free. In a world where I constantly feel that originality is threatened by the main stream and imagination has been curtailed, Lucas gave us an inside look on the possibilities of pure ingenuity. His work involved so many different and complex stories, ideas, and challenged viewers to think. He set a precedent and with it a standard that we as an audience should expect and demand out of the film industry. He told great stories. Stories that today have grown into genres and stereotypes, they are the original that created the themes that stories now are built on and no matter if you have only seen them once or live in your own Star Wars world, there is no denying that. 

However, I am not okay with Disney buying out the franchise and rolling out more films. This is what gets me about Hollywood. You already made your money…and Disney, you aren’t exactly some pauper…there really is no need to make more films. Knowing when to stop has become a vital characteristic that is lacking in today’s society and here is a perfect example. If you want to bring Star Wars to a new generation….let them watch the original movies. It’s not like they don’t know what it is considering all the mass merchandise in today’s market and it definitely can stand on it’s own, even compared to movies being made today. 

What do you think? Are you going to jump on the new Star Wars movies starfighter? Or are you cool with kickin’ it in the original Coruscant?






Now I’ve seen you in blue and I’ve seen you in yellow But only you, red, will do for this fellow

The Solo cup made it’s first appearance in the 1940’s and has quickly grown to become a staple stereotype that defines college parties. Currently available in a variety of colors and even a square shaped base, the cup has evolved to become a primary part of many festive events. Of course it’s popular appeal has also lead to many imitation red cups but nothing is quite like the solo cup. I recently found this picture online which I actually thought was really interesting. I had no idea the indentations were anything more than a design element of the cup which also made me do a quick google search about the history of this accessory that usually is party of some great nights and even better stories. 



Did you know this? (Or is just me that had no idea?) Do you know of any other frequently used items that have cool facts that most people don’t know?

So…raise your cups and let’s have a party!