Oh hot damn, this is my jam-tini

I read about this intriguing recipe incorporating jam into cocktails today, and naturally, had to try it for myself. Jam/jelly/preserves are one of those things that I undoubtedly have lying around somewhere in the back of my fridge for one of those once-every-3-months moments that I’m dying for a PB&J, so may as well put it to use. And for a fruity drink? Of course!

I rounded up what I had for ingredients in the house that sound like they could mix well (and I swear, it came out AMAZING!)


As a Massachusetts gal, I feel like it’s a staple to have beach plum jam in the house. Aside from it just tasting better then grape/strawberry,etc, it is used more for baked goods rather than your childhood lunchtime fav. This unlikely suspect provided a unique (and somewhat more adult, I suppose) spin to my jam-tini adventures. For those of you who have yet to discover this magical delight, you should really try it for a fun change. It’s native fruit to Cape Cod, and tastes somewhere between a plum and a cranberry, however I haven’t really ever seen it used for many things besides jam (learn moreĀ here).


First, I simmered a heaping teaspoon of the jam with about a teaspoon of agave. The agave boils pretty quickly, but as soon as the jam turns into a liquid and combines with the syrup, you should be good to go.


Second, I juiced my lime. I ended up using one lime per martini to ensure an extra zing. (As a side note, can I mention how great of an idea hand juicers are? I never used one until my roommate got one, and now I am placing it on my list of kitchen necessities.)

I then mixed the lime juice with the agave/beach plum mixture and poured over ice. Then came a shot of elderflower liqueur followed by a shot of coconut rum.

Shake, pour in a pretty glass, and voila!


As you can see from the photo, the jam/agave ended up forming little droplets almost in the bottom of the glass . It’s a bit hard to swish and mix, however the flavor still combines nicely and almost gives you a (classy, but) jello-shot like texture on the bottom.

Overall, I have decided that jam (or in this case beach plum jelly) is a unique but awesome alternative cocktail mixer if you’re looking to be a bit fancy and impress without having to really go beyond the contents of your kitchen. I generally like most fruity drinks, but this is definitely on top of my list of new favorites!

Have you used jam/jelly before in mixed drinks? Successful or bad experience?

xo SA

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