“Young and Beautiful” , The Great Gatsby trailer

Yesterday Warner Brothers released a new trailer for their upcoming film, The Great Gatsby with Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful” song included. I’m still not quite sure if I’m more excited about the film, the amazing sound track, or the all-star cast. I’ve clearly been crushing on Leo since the Titanc days, and he’s quite the fine wine if you ask me.

Anyone else planning on throwing a Gatsby themed party when this is released?


“Speedboats? There are no lakes around here.”

Is anyone else anywhere near excited as me that Matilda is coming to Broadway? I haven’t seen a show on there since Beauty and the Beast (3 times..), so I think I’m long overdue for a trip. Hopefully I can to sneak in to NYC at some point in the next few months to catch a show. I’m pretty sure that this movie was my first introduction to dark humor as a child. I mean, really, who doesn’t remember (and love) the chokey? The FBI sneaking around Harry Wormwood’s illegal car scam? The mother who was obsessed with tv shows and bingo? And the brother? Oh, I almost wish there was a spin-off of him just so we could see the terror Harry Jr grew up to be!

Also, the chocolate cake scene was pretty hilarious. Without question, one of my favorite movie scenes of all time. Any time my sisters or I make anything with chocolate to this day, we may or may not quote multiple parts of this scene. Judgement can commence, but really, you know its great, too. And if you don’t, please watch the video below and appreciate.

I casually made a reference to this movie a while back and didn’t expect a 26 year old male to catch it, but he then proceeded to pull out a copy of the film ON DVD (!!) out of his movie cabinet. Win. While we may have had ‘mean’ teachers growing up, the Trunchbull made us all realize that we really didn’t have it that bad after all. Plus, I’m pretty sure the chokey is illegal on multiple levels. In every state.


Anyone else excited to see this on Broadway? Have you watched the movie recently? Am I the only one who thinks this classic is AWESOME and was destined for yet another comeback?!


xo SA

Pack up, go home, you’re through…

Here is another trend I also cannot defend:


No matter what you call it, it is still a FANNY PACK!

Besides how far is is really from any of these: http://www.buzzfeed.com/awesomer/42-awkward-fanny-pack-photos-cci

Just because you put it on an underweight model and sell it for $165 does not make it fabulous!

What do you guys think? Like many trends that are making a second wind debut, will the fanny pack or “belt bag” make a serious resurgence?



just some beard that i used to know

Obviously I had to post my opinion on this stache-y matter…..

Contrary to the belief that I would not agree with my counter-partner in crime on the mustache matter, I actually do. I think the over obsessing has become a serious facial faux pas that I am well over. Don’t get me wrong, I fully enjoyed throwing my fair share of Stache Bash parties where everyone was required to sport a hot pink facial accessory but that was back when wearing a mustache that didn’t actually emanate from your own personal facial follicles was seen as absurd. But now with all these handlebars, chevrons,  and Yosemite Sam soup strainers stalking us all, I think it might be time for razor companies to put their marketing techniques into full swing. Besides the old men that haven’t been without a cookie duster since puberty and the occasional passafire (cause seriously that’s hilarious), I think it’s time for all the Tom Selleck wanna be t-shirts, finger rings, and flip flops to call it quits. Leave the animated mustaches to  Mario and Lugi, the original and (only) acceptable patrons who can rock them anymore. 

Regardless of the fact that I am ready to for a clean shave and to jump onto next big hipster sloppy seconds trend, this hairy issue might just be growing in for the long haul. Image




I mustache you a question

I’ve been seeing the trend of fake (and rather elaborate may I add) mustaches pop up EVERYWHERE lately. Usually it was only on the occasional hipster or quirky old guy’s face, but now it appears to have moved into everything from wedding photo booths to t-shirts to accessories.

According to the internet gods (which of course bear all knowledge), it in fact originated as some hipster fashion rebellion trend from conventional yada yada yada. But now that pretty much every store from here to Timbuktu has a product with a mustache on it, is it really that cool still? Better yet, was it ever?

I guess the point of a counterculture trend is so that it is so uncool that the only few people ‘cool’ enough to know about it are the ones that can take part. Growing an awkward and elaborate mustache on your face? Counterculture cool. Getting a Forever21 shirt with a mustache on it? Uhhmmmm, kind of defeats the purpose, no?

Once everyone catches on to a hipster trend I thought it was supposed to die on the spot.But alas, they have been around for a number of months (years?) now and really haven’t gone anywhere unfortunately.

Lets take a look….


The gold makes this a classy piece, but was there really no other design to place in the center?


Accessories getting instantly fancier the second you add a top hat, of course. Is it just me or does anyone think this should simply be worn by someone riding in on a horse wearing a monocle?


So are mustaches a French thing then..?


Speaking of, someone just ruined a perfectly good french mani. But honestly, you paid for that?


Okay, now this particular trend is something that I can get behind.. because really, putting funny things like this on kids faces is just hilarious.


And last but not least…how cute! I mean, that statement is coming from someone who puts sweaters and tutus on her dogs, so that may not carry much weight, but still. Small fluffy things made to look like dashing old men you can’t say no to. But then again, I don’t think I could say no to face with without the ‘stache either.

Theres far too many pieces to even begin to show all of them, but then again I’m sure you’ve all seen them around as well.

Conclusion: Unless the mustache is on a dog or small child, it really isn’t an attractive fashion trend. With the amount of products that now carry the seal it really is beginning to come off as tacky rather than creative, which, I’m sure was the original goal.

I know this is probably a topic my co-writer will without question disagree with me on, as AC is the faux-mustache queen. She actually made me wear a hot pink one to a party once if that is any indication (but in her defense, she was way ahead of the times…so it was legit).

Is this something that we think is here to stay, or is it hanging on like Billy Ray Cyrus trying to get another record deal?

xo SA